Municipality of Frogn


About Frogn

From about the middle of the 1700s and onwards, this tiny coastal hamlet developed into a small town, supported by the timber industry and shipping. The town obtained its own Trading Charter rights in 1842, prior to this it was controlled by Christiania (Oslo). Even though we think of Drøbak as a typical small town, it is worth recalling that in 1800, Christiania had approx. 8,000 inhabitants, Moss 2,500 and Drøbak about 1,100. The municipalities of Drøbak and the surrounding district of Frogn were amalgamated into one unit, or kommune, in 1960.

We do not know exactly what the name Drøbak means. Most probably it is related to the Norwegian words, ‘Drøye bakker’ which literally means, long lasting hills, or hills that go on forever, and in Drøbak there are many such hills. Drøbak was also used as an outer port for Christiania. In the days of sailing vessels the inner parts of the Oslo fjord were often frozen during the winter months and ships were unable to reach the city. The water around Drøbak was open for most of the year. Cargo destined for the capital could then be discharged in Drøbak and transported inland by horse-drawn sledges. Some of the ships that were registered in Oslo were often laid up for the winter in Drøbak in order to be rapidly commissioned at the start of a new freight season. Ships were laid up at Kaholmene (Oscarsborg) and in Vindfangerbukta (literally, ‘Catch the wind bay’).

Contact information

Tel.: + 47 64 90 60 00
Fax: + 47 64 90 60 01

The Service Unit in Frogn municipality is a central support and service unit, and the initial point of contact for all inquiries from the public. When you call +47 64 90 60 00, you will reach the Service Centre.

The visiting address is the Town Hall, Rådhusveien 6, 1440 Drøbak, Norway.

The Service Unit receives inquiries and forward messages monday to friday from:

  • 1/9 - 31/5: 08.00-16.00
  • 1/6 - 31/8: 08.00-15.00 (summer office hours)
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The Service Unit in Frogn municipality is a central support and service unit, and the initial point of contact for all inquiries from the public. In addition, it provides commercial support to all the internal units in the organisation. This includes a small branch office at Grande. We have a high level of professional expertise in various areas and, to exploit this, the unit is divided into professional teams.

We can provide information and guidance regarding most of the municipality’s technical services, for example:

  • Planning and building cases
  • Municipality technical issues
  • Map production
  • Applications for the cultur school
  • Application for kindergarten place
  • Living support allowance
  • Application for marina berth
  • Application for space in the market square
  • Parking permits
  • Political decisions
  • Case documents
  • ...and much more

If we are not able to answer your inquiry, we will help you find the right person or office.

National emergency numbers:

  • Fire 110
  • Police 112
  • Medical Emergency 113

During the period 07.00 -18.00 (Monday-Friday) you will be referred to the doctor on call in Frogn. 

During the period 18.00-07.00 (Monday-Friday + weekends and holidays) you will be referred to Follo Emergency Clinic in Ski, tel: 64 87 19 30

At Grande nursing home

During the daytime, all inquiries should be directed to the Service Centre T 64 90 60 00/415 31 360

At Ullerud nursing home

During the daytime, all inquiries should be directed to the Service Centre T 64 90 60 00

Tel: 64 90 56 21 / 26

During the daytime, all inquiries should be directed to v/Eivind Smestad, Tlf. 64 90 89 33, cellphone: 415 31 391 or to the Service Centre T 64 90 60 00

Organisation number: 963 999 089
Municipality number: 0215
Account for taxes: 6345 06 02150
Bank account: DnB Nor 1617.07.02720

About the organization

The municipality is divided into two levels. At the top we find the chief administrative officer and two municipal managers, then 21 unitleaders form the next level.

The leader of the unit is responsible for operations and the services provided by the device. Frogn municipality is organized with a total of 21 units.

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Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service

The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service plays a broad participatory role in the world of work and society, and contributes to the financial security of the individual. This depends on close interaction with the user, working life and local authorities, and a sharper focus on people with special needs in relation to the labour market and others in a challenging life situation.

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